"I don't know if you can help..?"

Rachel Jennings - Osteopath for Belper, Ripley, Alfreton, Wirksworth, Crich

Rachel Jennings BA(Hons) BSc(Hons)Ost PGCE BMAS

Registered Osteopath, Clinical Rehabilitation Practitioner, Medical Acupuncturist, Yoga for Backs, Beginners, and Self Care. 

If you're looking for help with your health, or a second professional opinion, you've come to the right place

And if you've only experienced NHS treatment before, you may have no idea of how osteopathy, rehabilitation or other effective complementary therapies and holistic approaches like yoga could help your back pain and sciatica, neck pain, shoulder, knee and hip and ankle injuries, as well as bigger issues like tension, insomnia and stress.

Your personal issue may not be on the brief list of things I see most frequently, but the truth is that most people will find genuine answers, relief, recovery and practical ways forward here.

What is offered at Qi to Health is very different and quite unique to my continued professional training, personal interests and experience since graduating back in 2002.

If you've been told nothing can be done, come and have a chat. I'd love to help you find comfort, mobility, hope and support you on your journey to better health.

"An exceptionally gifted and knowledgeable practitioner who has made a huge difference to my wellbeing.

I have been amazed at the benefits received from my consultations with Rachel. She has incisive insights into how your body is operating, which she helps you to understand in order to realise why and how your problems have developed, thus enabling you to begin to learn how to correct this. Her way of working with, rather than on you is powerful and effective, as you carry this with you in all you do.

Her positive approach is reassuring and encouraging mentally, whilst the practical results always leave you feeling so much more comfortable physically. I only wish I had known about Rachel years ago!" 

Rachel Jennings, osteopath is based at Amberside Wellbeing, a short drive from Matlock, Belper, Alfreton, Wirksworth and Ripley in the Amber Valley area of Derbyshire.

The practice is ground level and easily-accessible from the M1, A6, A38 and A610 with free parking right outside.

The Latest Practice News

Hello there!  

I'm back from my travels and have had an amazing time in China and Hong Kong. 

Autumn term is always a good time for a new start, take a class or a course, get active, decide what would improve your quality of life... 

I'm always delighted to provide motivation and cheerleading, as well as assessment to tell you what's going on and treatment, advice, pain-relieving techniques and practical approaches to help you get back to normal, happy function.

Or ideally, even better than you realised was possible! 

Let's raise the bar...

My new gentle yoga class starts in Crich on Wednesday 2nd October and is a great way to a healthier, more flexible, comfortable body; especially your neck and shoulders and lower back.

"I do not wait for my problems to get better on their own anymore. I go to Rachel Jennings and feel better before I leave. I never know what to expect, each time is different, but I always come out wiser and more confident. I've gone from being unable to stand on my right leg, due to severe sciatica, to actually planning my future again. 30 years of pain has vanished! How awesome is that?! I never got those results from the NHS."

So if you've been told there's nothing can be done... come into see me and let's prove them wrong! 

And have a happy, healthy Autumn!