Treating you better

Rachel Jennings - Back Specialist

How would you really like to feel?

Would you like to have a better relationship with your body? To be able to enjoy doing the things you love in life- playing with the kids, walking the dog? To move your spine easily, comfortably, beautifully? To bend, twist, reach and lift confidently? To know how to actively nurture your body and care for your muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments for your future? To use your body safely at work, in your exercise and sport, hobbies and home? To know the best ways to recover well when you have an injury? To feel your best on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally. 

I'd love to help you realise this.

This might look like an ordinary osteopaths' clinic, but look again and you'll realise it's very different.

I'm Rachel Jennings, a Registered Osteopath, and I draw from an unusually broad range of proven therapies: combining the wonderful hands-on skills of osteopathy with the most up-to-date physiotherapy approaches to injury recovery, rehabilitation and prevention. 

"An exceptionally gifted and knowledgeable practitioner who has made a huge difference to my wellbeing.

I have been amazed at the benefits received from my consultations with Rachel. She has incisive insights into how your body is operating, which she helps you to understand in order to realise why and how your problems have developed, thus enabling you to begin to learn how to correct this. Her way of working with, rather than on you is powerful and effective, as you carry this with you in all you do.

Her positive approach is reassuring and encouraging mentally, whilst the practical results always leave you feeling so much more comfortable physically. I only wish I had known about Rachel years ago!" 

Qi to Health osteopaths is based at Amberside Wellbeing, a short drive from Matlock, Belper, Alfreton, Wirksworth and Ripley in the Amber Valley area of Derbyshire.

The practice is ground level and easily-accessible from the M1, A6, A38 and A610 with free parking right outside.

The Latest Practice News

Hello there!

Summer is definitely here and holidays await.

If you're worried your back will cope with a long flight, now is the time to get it sorted so you can relax and enjoy your hard-earned rest. It's much better to have a few sessions now, rather than feeling distressed an anxious because you've left it to the last minute.

If you've not been to see an osteopath, you may have no idea how quickly you could be feeling better.

If you're interested in taking the Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs course, get in touch! The current Belper group have had some great results from quite early on.

And in Yoga we're working on sacroiliac exercises to stabilise the pelvic joints with the learning from the Donna Farhi course I recently took.

And here in Crich we're in the swing of our first Fitness Fortnight with loads of free classes and tasters aimed absolute beginners.

Take a look at the Crich Fitness Fortnight facebook page for more!

And remember, I'm always at the end of the phone if you'd like professional advice.