My Story

I was an English and Drama teacher and Communications lecturer before training as an osteopath. I'd never actually visited one, but was so taken with what I'd read about it as a profession, I gave up teaching to re-train. I was particularly drawn to the combination of medical knowledge with a practical, holistic, hands-on approach to helping people. I spent the next 6 years first doing an access course in Nottingham and then studying a BSc(Hons) Ost at Oxford Brookes and the College of Osteopaths.

My own health journey started at a young age and has given me a real understanding of many health issues and wide experience of other complementary and alternative health approaches in my search for optimum health.

As a young child I developed alopecia due to music exam anxieties, and as a young athlete training long hours in swimming, cross-country running and pistol-shooting for the triathlon, suffered with my knee joints, and dealing with a level of hypermobility.

I rowed for university and discovered through yoga, how inflexible I had become after years of training with no stretching and how much it helped my body awareness, and ability to relax.

When I moved to Leicester, I discovered the Alexander Technique which stopped my neck pain and talking therapies made a great deal of difference to my anxiety and stress.

I am a great advocate of exercise and activity as the key to feeling great and maintaining good health. There is so much evidence that movement is medicine. Often the best thing. We are designed to move!

I am a keen cyclist, Nordic/dog walker and lover of the great outdoors. I also enjoy singing, playing guitar and accompanying people on my flute at folk sessions.

I relocated my practice to Crich 5 years ago and rebranded it Qi to Health, reflecting the wider range of treatments available at the new clinic. Last spring I moved to new premises at Orchard Wellbeing. Her previous practice was Kilburn Osteopaths, Belper. Prior to that, she worked in several osteopathic practices in Leicester.

"As a keen runner who has often used the strategy - take ibuprofen and it'll be ok ... Rachel has made a huge difference to a range of 'structural grumbles' ... Brilliant - progress being made, feels great - wish I'd gone months ago - thanks Rachel." Ian Travers