Reviewing 2016... and going forward to the future!

One of my favourite things about this time of year, is that chance to start afresh, celebrate the acheivements of the last 12 months, and being the enneagram type7 kind of person that I am, looking forward with great anticipation to adventures lying ahead.

One of my "things" so do this year is to write a blog. It's taken me so long to do this that blogs are probalby being replaced by something much more on trend; but here I am. Spurred on by the lovely and terribly inspiring Chris Guillebeau, a fellow non-conformist who writes a rather fabulous blog on being a non-conformist and finding ways to live your dreams and travel wildly.

Chris advocates doing a personal annual review. So here goes!

Highlights have been-

  • cycling in the Alps, especially conquering Alpe d'Huez
  • seeing Lynda get married and writing and playing a song for her and Steve at the wedding
  • completing the JEMS rehabilitation course
  • Burns night at the local pub
  • learning to coach
  • taking an outdoor Spin class in Spain, overlooking the sea with a live saxophonist playing
  • setting up a meditation group from home
  • sailing on the Clyde, taking my guitar and flute and playing in a pub on the isle of Bute
  • going to see meditation teacher Tara Brach in London
  • moving into my own house again
  • completing many months of the Headspace, mindfulness programme
  • finally getting a sofa
  • getting jogging again
  • watching every episode of House of Cards and Orange is the New Black
  • seeing The Lumineers, Paul Simon and Jack Savoretti play live
  • experiencing a "gong bath" at a yoga day with Vishwam
  • having healing from Vishwam
  • having Jo come and interview and film patients and yoga students for youtube
  • recording meditation and yoga relaxation tracks for the youtube channel
  • I wrote my first song
  • learning to plait my toes in Feldenkrais
  • all my guitar and flute lessons
  • making some great new friends
The nice thing about going back over it all, is that you do remember all sorts of things you forgot, that were really good stuff!

On the down side...
  • it's been really hard at times
  • I've been very depressed, sad and lonely in places and struggled with that
  • 6 months without a sofa or chair to sit on was more than I could really cope with
  • I've not put enough into the business/work, getting out of balance
  • I've not had the money to do the amount of learning and courses and travel I'd have liked to
  • the house has needed a lot more doing to it than I'd realised it would
  • general lack of dosh to do things I would wanted to
  • quite a lot of back ache
And when I put the two categories side by side, it's hard to not to notice that the highlights are winning; and despite being skint at times, I've done some pretty amazing things...

One of the things I've done (which friends have rolled their eyes at, but I'm sticking by) is start an online course in Clearing.
If you've spent much time in my company, you may have noticed the piles (paperwork etc) and a lack of obvious desire to by domestic. So spending a little money over a year to address this, with the help of someone with 40 years experience helping people like me become better functioning adults...

So far, this has really shifted my focus and got me clearing stuff. There's obviously a whole load of psychology behind this, and my piles, and I highly recommend it. I know how frustrating it is for people related to, living with or just caring about friends who are blocked in this area... and you can even decide how much you want to pay. Genius!

So onto the things you can expect to be changing, happening, moving and a shaking in 2017...
  • I'm focussing on the business of being an osteopath
  • I will be coming "into work" even when there are no patients to see or classes to teach
  • I will be regularly tackling the less fun bits of having your own business: accounts, filing, networking
  • I will be blogging!
  • I will be putting on more yoga, meditation, personal growth workshops in Crich
  • I will be visualising ways to get to study meditation with Tara Brach
  • I will be making more of my own meals and enjoying cooking
  • I will be entertaining more (feeding others, rather than making them laugh)
  • I'm going cycling in the mountains in Majorca like Team Sky!
  • more sailing with the "boat people"
  • doing more Feldenkrais classes/workshops
  • going on a yoga retreat with Lynda
  • watching the entire series of Rita on Netflix
  • looking for new ways to share my gifts, knowledge and expertise with a bigger audience
  • passing my Grade 5 flute
  • and as the course title says: Clear what is holding me back!
So that's me, in first draft version of course, and open to regular re-writing...

What about you? What will be driving you this year? What matters most? How would you like to feel this time next year?
And what are you going to do to get there?

Look forward to hearing your reviews and plans... Dream Big!