Treatments with Rachel Jennings and what to expect at Qi to Health

Treatments here offer incredible value for money with access to diagnosis, education, up-to-date advice, and aftercare that gives you the knowledge, confidence and tools to look after your body for years to come.

Because they aim to get to the heart of the matter, you are helping real healing to take place, not just masking the symptoms, or wasting your precious time and money on things that aren't addressing the real issue. 

Often we assume our pain is a simple postural issue, perhaps we've been told our core needs strengthening or we have a "misalignment" that needs correcting or someone told us we'd never get better. 

My view takes a much more modern, scientific view of pain influenced by Australian neuroscience researchers and clinicians Professor David S Butler and G Lorimer Moseley, authors of many books and studies such as "Explain Pain" and "Mobilisation of the Nervous System". 

Knowledge is treatment.

When you start to understand what pain really is ~ one of your body's many ways of protecting you and warning you there is more credible evidence of danger than safety to your brain ~ it can help you really become aware of what your pain is telling you. And see pain in a completely different, more positive, useful way.

Our modern knowledge of "neuroplasticity" or the ability of the brain to learn, change and adapt has really opened up our ability to treat pain much more intelligently and successfully. After all, if pain is "in the brain", not your back or your shoulder, that's where we need to be working.

We may not realise that certain stresses, relationships, habits, language, beliefs and behaviours in our lives may be pushing us "over the line" into a place where our nervous system is very nervous, sensitised, jumpy and over-protective.  

And learning to soothe our nervous system, self-regulate, and get ourselves back into a place where the brain sees more evidence of safety, means there is no reason to create pain.

Talking, being listened to by someone uninvolved but supportive, who cares and doesn't judge, learning to control your breathing, how to relax, get enough sleep and quality movement all can make a huge difference here. And this is why every session with me is unique and may be very different from what you are expecting or from the approaches you have experienced before.  

It may even be life-changing in a really positive, liberating way.  

And when we're working with your mind... you'll realise lots of things become possible that you'd never considered.

Initial consultations are £50 and allow at least an hour to thoroughly investigate what's going on so the treatment approach will be the right one for your recovery and well-being. You can choose either 30 minutes, 45 minutes or an hour follow-up appointments which are currently £38/45, helping make your healthcare more affordable. This is an investment in your health and quality of life. 

Payment is by card, cash or bank transfer.