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Gentle Ways To Get Tough With Pain

Rachel Jennings BSc(Hons)Ost

Osteopathy | Acupuncture | Rehabilitation | Yoga

In Japanese philosophy, Qi is pronounced ki. It refers to our internal energy or life force which is the key to health.

What I Can Help With


Back Pain and Sciatica

Back pain and sciatica are very common symptoms in adults. They may resolve on their own, naturally in a few days or weeks, but it is wise to discover what might be causing your pain, especially if it keeps happening or is getting worse.

Pain is part of our body's brilliant early-warning system to help us avoid injury and survive.

Even if you haven't had an injury, you may be doing something in a way that puts undue pressure or load through a certain area, joint or muscle. So discovering what the pain means is both enlightening and beneficial: what might it be teaching you for self-care and better wellbeing?

 My job is to help you find out what is really going on and why so we can do something about it.

Often you know what to do, but just need a little reminder and encouragement: like moving more, relaxing more, stabilising your blood sugar... doing the things that improve your mental health.

Woman getting acupuncture

Headaches and Migraines

While it's tempting just to reach for painkillers, headaches and migraines can be related to a huge variety of things: from stress and anxiety to trauma to the head, neck and shoulders, poor posture, neck and jaw tension, sinuses, eyes, ears and hormones, even too much pain-relief medication.

And most of these things, we can do something about.

So you are likely to get a much better result with treatment that addresses the true causes, rather than masking them: you may just need different glasses!

Acupuncture has been shown to be very effective for migraines, quickly releasing the knots in the muscles that can trigger pain.

 Having the chance to talk through the things that have been causing you stress during your session may also be very helpful.

I try to use a totally holistic approach, as for many people, headaches are a real sign that you have lost your healthy balance. Perhaps too little exercise, too much time at the screen, not enough you-time.

I'm delighted to help you find it again.

Yoga Demonstration

Better Mind-Body Health

Many serious health issues are around 80% linked to lifestyle factors: the things we have the power to change:-

Sleep, habits, diet, unhelpful beliefs, stress, unresolved-trauma. In chinese medicine the emotions, are considered as big a cause of dis-ease as external "pathogens".

If we see health, disease and pain as processes, it means we can intervene in many different ways to achieve a different outcome..

That is why as a yoga teacher I might use relaxation, mindfulness meditation and breathing techniques with people who are in pain, alongside some hands-on treatment.

And why functional rehabilitation can transform movement habits and postural awareness, to prevent  injuries repeating and improve our performance, strength and agility.

I always try to keep up to date with advances in health and share what's relevant with you. My own journey to wellness through mental health issues, back pain, autoimmune disease, hormones and menopause has also given me a lot of personal understanding and experience of what works.


"Ten years of knee pain and finding it increasingly
difficult to move had greatly affected my quality of life. Walking even a short distance or standing to talk to afriend became almost impossible. In the last two years. I have at last had two knee replacements. The surgery was successful, but I needed some extra help. My posture was very poor and I had forgotten how to walk naturally. Rachel worked wonders! She was able to observe how I moved in detail and analyse how to help me get back to normal. She developed exercises that would work for me and gave me the encouragement I needed to get back on track. All the sessions were positive and supportive. There was also the bonus of massage and relaxation - much appreciated. I now have a list of exercises to keep me going - but more importantly- I don't need my stick anymore, and I am enjoying country walks, visiting museums and even shopping!"

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Aches and pains are your body's way of asking for attention. If you'd like to understand what your body is saying and welcome some interpretation, let me know. At Qi to Health, I offer a wise, gentle approach to to suit your unique needs and requirements. Get in contact on 07877 320723

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