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Rehabilitation is about re-gaining function and optimum movement after injury, surgery (such as joint replacements), pregnancy, pain, and falls. At Qi to Health, I'm here to help.

Rehabilitation Treatment

The importance of Holistic treatments

Being holistic means taking in the big picture and always having an open mind. I am always interested in how you conduct yourself within your day to day. This includes knowing about your sleep, your eating habits, stress levels, responsibilities, hobbies, breathing, fitness, medication, previous injuries, illnesses, procedures, pets, how, when, where and how long you sit, and children.

Essentially, I want to know about anything that might be causing your symptoms. I also find immense value in what you believe is going on and why. Understanding why you may be in pain is a big part of helping you out of your current situation and into a new, comfortable easy way of being.

Exercise balls and weights

As everyone is unique, general exercises may completely miss your personal needs. I use the JEMS movement enhancement approach developed by Australian physiotherapist Joanne Elphinston. This enables me to diagnose your movement and control issues and effectively target them. It’s about working with your body, not against it and reducing the stress on your bodies structures that can cause injuries and unnecessary damage.

Many people try to activate muscles by clenching (glutes) or pulling in (their core). These “fake” exercises don’t work and can actually cause more pain and restriction, the opposite of what you were intending.

With rehabilitation, I can use modern neuroscience to make those areas work in a real-world, functional way. A big part of my work is focusing on your gait- walking in a way that uses the feet’s natural spring and propulsion. This is something many of our lower back pain sufferers really lack. 

I often use Yoga in our rehabilitation sessions. Yoga is about connection and awareness. To your body (movement) your breath (self-regulating), your mind (mental chatter and beliefs) and your deepest self (heart and soul). Being able to calm and relax your body and mind are essential life skills for health. Yoga can help in so many health issues. It’s an amazing process that is open to everyone. In fact, feeling stiff and inflexible is probably one of the best reasons to explore it! You have so much to gain.

Yoga mat being rolled up


"After three years of back trouble that had stopped me running and cost a fortune in physio that only ever gave temporary relief, Rachel in a few sessions completely sorted my back out. Not only did she immediately reduce the pain and increase my mobility, she gave me exercises that have meant I've been able to ease any
recurrences over the years myself. Three or four years later, I'm running and exercising as much as I used to, never need a physio and back pain is a thing of the past. Highly recommended doesn't cover it: if you are in any doubt, don't hesitate - give Rachel a try!"

“When I trained in osteopathy and anatomy after years of yoga, I realised we can do the most useful “manipulations” on ourselves far more gently and in ways that increase our movement, skill, and body control. This includes internally on the organs, via their attachments to our skeletal system. This is why I don’t use HVT (traditional manipulation thrusts that “click” and force the joints)
It’s not necessary.”

- Rachel Jennings

Take control of your rehabilitation in Amber Valley today by texting or sending a WhatsApp to 07877 320723. Qi to Health can provide you with the treatment you deserve!

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